Religious Dogma that Kills Kids Rita Swan, founder of Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, grants a powerful interview about losing a baby to Christian Science anti-medicine tenets, and her subsequent activism to repeal religious exemptions in laws governing healthcare for children. Dan Barker's Pagan Pulpit addresses the biblical defamation of atheists as "fools." Song: "Sunday Morning Blues." Freethinkers Almanac looks at eminent freethinkers born in late March. (MP3, 51 min, 23 MB)
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Priest Abuse of Children Most of this show is devoted to the timely topic of Roman Catholic crimes against children. Special guest is Joe McGee, a Colorado freethinker who will talk about what it has been like, after nearly 50 years, to go public with crimes committed against him as a child by his family's priest. The show also includes a relevant poem, "Exegesis," read by Philip Appleman, music and a Pagan Pulpit, "The Genuine Atheist," by Dan Barker. Freethought Radio is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. (MP3, 48 min, 22 MB)
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Paul D. Boyer, Nobel Laureate and Atheist News of the week includes U.S. Rep. Pete Stark's recent announcement that he is nonreligious. Nobel Laureate Paul D. Boyer, a Lifetime Member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is interviewed, and he talks about the overwhelming disbelief of "elite" scientists. The show also includes a brief, pithy poetry reading by "freethought laureate" Philip Appleman, and a discussion on common myths about atheists. Featured song: "God's Grandeur," words by Philip Appleman, music by Dan Barker. Freethought Radio is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. (MP3, 53 min, 23.9 MB)
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Media Covers FFRF & Freethought Tune in to hear the audio of last Sunday's ABC Evening World News segment featuring FFRF co-presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. Then "eavesdrop" on comedian Julia Sweeney talking about atheism, "Letting Go of God" and the Freedom From Religion Foundation on a recent Stephanie Miller radio interview. Hear why bestselling atheist author Sam Harris thinks it's time for society to end faith. This week's show also includes a Pagan Pulpit freethought sermon by Dan Barker on the Jesus ossuary debacle, and a pithy poem, "A Simple Explanation for Everything," by Philip Appleman, read by Phil. Other state/church issues in the news are discussed. Freethought Radio is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. (MP3, 52 min, 23.7 MB)
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Supreme Court Post-Mortem, and Fraudulent Prayer Studies The first segment of the show involves a candid post-mortem by the co-hosts of what it was like to be taxpayer plaintiffs in a lawsuit heard by the U.S. Supreme Court this week! The pair give the inside scoop, discuss the astronomical growth of FFRF in the past week, and summarize media coverage, including an audio of last week's CBS Evening News coverage of FFRF and Hein v. FFRF. Interviewed is Dr. Bruce Flamm, whose expose of a fraudulent prayer study made international headlines. The show ends with something new--the poet Philip Appleman reading one of his newest poems over the air! As always, there is lively incidental music by Dan Barker, including the chorus from "Nothing Fails Like Prayer." The show is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, who direct the Freedom From Religion Foundation. (MP3, 50 min, 22.5 MB)
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