Guest: Chris Mooney, author, Unscientific America Chris Mooney, author of the new book, Unscientific America as well as The Republican War on Science, will be the guest. The hosts will also talk about all the attention the Foundation's newest federal lawsuit--challenging a move to engrave religious mottos prominently at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center--is receiving, and provide a brief "Freethinkers Almanac" about famous freethinkers born in July.
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Guest: Sci Fi Author Ben Bova The interview will feature distinguished and very charming science fiction and nonfiction author, the much-honored Ben Bova, an unbeliever. The hosts talk about FFRF's exciting new lawsuit filed this week, challenging Congressional mandates to engrave "In God We Trust" and the religious Pledge of Allegiance at the new Capitol Visitor's Center (through which everyone visiting the Capitol or their members of Congress must pass). They also talk about the Christian fundamentalist prayer delivered on behalf of the United States at the D-Day commemoration last month in France, and complaints made to Secretary of Defense Gates and President Obama.
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Guest: Ellie Strote Subject: Escape from Polygamy

Freethought Radio will talk about some theocratic incursions, including a recent "morality" proclamation by an Oklahoma representative, and will play CNN TV coverage of FFRF's complaint over a prayer station in Warren, Mich. Interviewed will be Foundation member Ellie Strote, who will talk about growing up in a polygamous FLDS community, getting married an 15 and making her escape at age 18.
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Guest: Prof. Ron Aronson, author, Living Without God Tune in for timely commentary on secularism and patriotism, Gov. Mark Sanford's religious pronouncements, mews coverage of FFRF's first billboard in Alabama, and of FFRF's complaint about unlawful prayer by the city council in Lodi, Calif. The guest, a distinguished professor of history at Wayne State, will talk about the secular movement, Obama's faith-based partnership and living well without God.
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