The Atheist Lyricist Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz A relaxing Freethought Radio looks at the irreverency and artistry of one of America's most revered songwriters, the atheist Yip Harburg ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow"). Retired scientist and engaging unbeliever Ernie Harburg talks about his own rejection of religion, the progressive Yip Harburg Foundation, and his father's "Rhymes for the Irreverent." Tantalizing clips of many of Yip's famous songs airs during this new interview, and Ernie reads some of his father's freethought poems. The show also features a "Theocracy Alert" update.
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Special guest: Katha Pollitt The Nation's "Subject to Debate" columnist, author, poet, feminist and atheist Katha Pollitt, returns to Freethought Radio to talk about her latest book, "Learning to Drive," the cultural politics of abortion on this pre-Roe v. Wade anniversary show, and her views on the state of freethought and religion in politics. The show also features a new Freethinkers Almanac and Theocracy Alert.
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Atheists in the Pulpit: Ministers Who Lose Their Faith Psychology Today's feature, "An Atheist in the Pulpit" (Jan/Feb 08), about ministers who lose their faith, inspired this week's show. Radio cohost Dan Barker, a former fundamentalist minister, as well as Freedom From Religion Foundation member Tom Reed, a former Roman Catholic priest, talk about their loss of faith stories. Both men are featured in the Psychology Today article. Tune in to hear Dan Barker's first-ever media interview as a "baby atheist," on the Oprah Winfrey Show! "Theocracy Alert" looks at mischief-making Congressional resolutions.
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State/Church Litigation and the people behind it Freethought Radio looks at end-of-the-year threats to women by Islamists, talks with Taku Ronsman, a plaintiff in the Freedom From Religion Foundation's newest lawsuit against a city-displayed creche in Green Bay, Wis., and consults Anne Wiseman, chief legal director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, over CREW's recent federal court victory forcing the White House to release visitor logs on leaders of the religious right. Tune in for that, and much more!
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