FFRF unveils the "Out of the Closet" bus sign and billboard campaign for atheists and agnostics. Atheist and comedian extrodinaire Julia Sweeney previews her speech at the FFRF convention next weekend.

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Atheism pops up in pop culture as the co-hosts discuss the hit tv show 'Glee.' Veteran journalist and Isthmus editor Bill Lueders discusses his latest book Watchdog: 25 years of muckraking and rabble-rousing.

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The co-hosts remember John Lennon. Dan and Annie Laurie speak with Madison cartoonist and illustrator of People's History of American Empire (co-authored by Howard Zinn). Mike talks about his exhibit at the FFRF national convention in Madison over Halloween weekend. The exhibit shows the perils of living in "One nation under god."

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Topic: Supreme Challenges

In a sneak preview for FFRF's upcoming national convention, convention speaker Linda Greenhouse, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who covered the Supreme Court for The New York Times for 30 years, will talk about her new book on Roe v. Wade, and state/church issues before the high court. The hosts will also play amusing clips about religion and Christine O'Donnell, include coverage of a "war of the billboards" inaugurated by its Tulsa "Atheism is OK in Oklahoma" billboard, and talk about why atheists and agnostics fared so well on this week's PEW survey finding biblical illiteracy among believers.

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