"Letting Go of God" Comedian/actress Julia Sweeney is interviewed about her amazing and hilarious new monolog, "Letting Go of God," on Freethought Radio, FFRF's weekly production co-hosted by Foundation co-presidents Dan Barker & Annie Laurie Gaylor. The Saturday Night Live alumna, known for her character "Androgynous Pat," tells how she came to leave the Roman Catholic Church and become an atheist. Music featured: "My Father's House" by Dan Barker, and "This World," by Malvina Reynolds, performed by Kristin Lems. (MP3, 47 min, 21.6 MB)
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Secular Nation Susan Jacoby, a journalist and author of six books, is interviewed about her popular book, Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism. The show is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which produces the show. Featured music: "Declaration of the Free," words by Robert Ingersoll, music and vocals by Dan Barker, from the CD Friendly Neighborhood Atheist.(MP3, 46 min, 21 MB)
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Onward, Christian Soldier Featured guest is investigative reporter Bill Sizemore of the Virginian-Pilot daily (Norfolk), discussing his exposes and articles on the scandal-ridden Christian empire of the Rev. Pat Robertson. Includes sound bites of some of Robertson's weirdest recent "700 Club" pronouncements and brief commentary on the gay marriage vote and the theocratic plank of the Texas Republican Party. Music: The Freethinker Blues by Dan Barker. (MP3, 50 min, 22.6 MB)
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Days of the Theocracy Includes an interview with Lori Lipman Brown, the first fulltime secular lobbyist in D.C., working with the Secular Coalition for America, which the Freedom From Religion Foundation belongs to. Also a little commentary on religion in the news (Ken Lay conviction, Iraq war developments & the anniversary of the founding of the Gideon Society). Songs include Kristin Lems' "Days of the Theocracy," and Dan Barker's musical version of The War Prayer by Mark Twain, as well as "God-Less America." Freethinkers Almanac looks back at Anne Newport Royall, the nation's first lobbyist for state/church separation, working in the early 1800s. (MP3, 49 min, 22.2 MB)
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