Life goes on . . . without a Hitch. Tune in to listen to the immortal provocateur, Christopher Hitchens, in his own voice. Freethought Radio will play a quintessential excerpt of Hitchens' Emperor Has No Clothes Award acceptance speech before a national FFRF convention in 2007 in Madison, Wis. The rest of the show will be devoted to "Reason's Greetings," a recap of FFRF's whirlwind actions this past week putting up equal time displays to counter nativity scenes on government property. Bonus song: Dan Barker's expurgated-for-radio version of South Park's "Merry Fricken Christmas."

Wishing all listeners a very merry Winter Solstice weekend!

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Away with the manger and in with the solstice. Is there room at the inn for freethought displays? Tune in to hear about FFRF's first-ever 'natural nativity scene.' We wish you a happy solstice and a very merry new year!

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We're bringing reason into the season. Its away with the manager on city property! Professor Stephen Hirtle of the University of Pittsburgh will give us an eye-witness account of one city's Holy War against the Constitution.

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Tis the season for fa-la-la-la-lawsuits. We'll report on seasonal violations. Then, we'll interview an atheist who is African-American. Journalist Jamila Bey will talk about black women who use the "A" word.

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Heathen's greetings! Its the most violated time of the year. They are making a litmus test and checking it twice. We'll check in on the battle of state and church with Andrew Seidel, the newest member of FFRF's legal team.

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How can the US motto be "In God We Trust" when so many Americans are Out of the Closet atheists? We'll talk with one of those out of the closet atheists: a former Roman Catholic priest, Steven Uhl, author of "Out of God's Closet." His motto is "Atheists work to make this life heavenly."

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It's only November, but already the war on atheists and state/church separation has begun! Tune in for news updates, then hear Prof. Phil Zuckerman of Claremount talk about his new book, "Faith No More," the first major sociological study in book form about why believers lose their faith!

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This week's show is devoted to FFRF state-church victories and complaints in South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Montana (with "hate mail" readings), and Colorado (a victory 3 years in the making). The show ends with Dan's song "The Stay Away Pope Polka" in commemoration of the planet's 7 billionth human inhabitant.

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Its time for trick or treats. this halloween weekend we'll talk about some scary theocratic tricks FFRF is combatting. The treat is novelist and Freethought Heroine Rebecca Newberger Goldstein talking about overcoming her Orthodox Jewish childhood.

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Guest: High school state/church activists Jessica Ahlquist and Harrison Hopkins

Atheists are not rapturous over the rapture, once again predicted by Harold Camping. Learn about FFRF's 40 billboards criticizing religion and the bible regarding Famly Radio's (once again) failed prediction that the world would end on October 21. We will also hear stories about what its like to be high school state/church activists from FFRF awardees Jessica Ahlquist and Harrison Hopkins.

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