Guest Mitch Kahle, an FFRF member and state/church activist in Hawaii, will talk about how he persuaded the Hawaii Senate earlier this month to drop government prayer. The hosts will also be joined in studio by lawyer Sarah Braasch to talk about FFRF's new campaign to stop pervasively Christian prayers in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Don't miss the amusing audio clips of out of control government prayers. There will also be coverage of FFRF's headline-creating complaint about the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools in Giles Co., Va.

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The January 1, 2011 show, "Name that secular songwriter!" will be replayed (due to cohosts both being felled by ailments which are not life-threatening, but kept them from the studio this week). This is a chance to enjoy the enormous contributions of nonreligious composers and songwriters who have built the Great American Songbook if you missed the New Year's Show, or to enjoy a repeat performance.

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Victories and other updates in state/church news. Dan discusses his new book, "The Good Life." Prof. Dennett discusses "Breaking the Spell," his study on clergy leaving the pulpit.

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Indiana dad Craig Scarberry discusses the custody battle for his kids hinging on his lack of belief. Steve Trunk reports his legal victory this week when an appeals court ruled the Mount Solidad cross must move off public property.

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Welcome the New Year with a fun game: "Name That Secular Songwriter!" Learn of the enormous impact made by nonreligious composers and lyricists who have built the Great American Songbook.

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