Guests: Civil Rights Attorney George Daly on FFRF's South Carolina Lawsuit  Sean Faircloth Secular Coalition The distinguished civil rights attorney George Daly, of Charlotte, N.C., will talk about the lawsuit he has filed on behalf of FFRF and two South Carolina parents, challenging the granting of academic credit for religious release-time instruction. Also interviewed will be the new director of Secular Coalition of America, who is an attorney and a former Maine legislator.
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Guests: Broadway composer Charles Strouse Pat Cleveland, director, Alabama Freethought Association Pat Cleveland will talk about freethought activism in the Deep South, and the hosts will interview Emmy-, Grammy- and Tony-award winning composer Charles Strouse, now 80, and author of the memoir, Put on a Happy Face, about his unbelief, his civil rights experiences and his music. Strouse wrote the music for such Broadway musicals as "Annie," "Applause" and "Bye, Bye, Birdie."
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Guest: Joann Bell, executive director, ACLU of Oklahoma Foundation After parsing Pres. Obama's historic speech to Muslims in Cairo on June 4 for its religious content, the hosts will interview the director of the ACLU of  Okahoma Foundation, Joann Bell.  Joann will recount her harrowing experience challenging religious indoctrination at an Oklahoma public school in the 1980s, which prompted her activism with the ACLU. A new state/church victory in Oklahoma will be discussed.
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Guest: Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority Foundation on Assassination of George Tiller, M.D. This week's broadcast will look at the assassination of Kansas physician George Tiller by a religious fanatic and domestic terrorist. The hosts will speak with Dr. Tiller's colleague, Eleanor Smeal, executive director of the Feminist Majority Foundation, which has played a vital role in organizing defense of abortion clinics.
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