Atheist in an Iraqi Foxhole This week's show features a deferred interview with SPC Jeremy Hall, who was threatened with "fragging" (a "friendly fire" murder) after suing the Pentagon for religious discrimination. Hall sued after he was threatened with military retaliation for organizing a freethought meeting at his base in Iraqi. "Theocracy Alert" looks at timely violations, and the birthdate of nontheist composer Scott Joplin is commemorated.
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A Freethought Potpourri This week's show is a freethought potpouri! Nation columnist Katha Pollitt reads her recent column, "Onward, Secular Soldiers!" Columnist Stephanie Salter talks about a humorous new website set up to record hypocrisy by drivers with "In God We Trust" license plates in Indiana. Dan and Annie Laurie discuss the upcoming "Golden Compass" movie, starring Nicole Kidman, based on the first book in atheist children's author Philip Pullman's trilogy. And as a bonus, they play "loving messages" left by Christians on the Freethought Radio answering machine.
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"Letting Go of God" Comedian and Saturday Night Live alum Julia Sweeney returns to Freethought Radio for a new interview about her "beautiful loss of faith story," and her monolog, "Letting Go of God," soon to be released as a film!
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Dissecting "Values Voters" Summit Dan and Annie Laurie play sound bites from GOP candidates genuflecting before the Religious Right. They also discuss the monopolization of words like "morality" and "values" by the Christian right with nonbeliever Eric Zorn, columnist for the Chicago Tribune.
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