FFRF Litigation Attorney Richard Bolton and co-hosts celebrate FFRF's court victory declaring the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.
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Should the pope be arrested for covering up crimes against humanity? Hitchens and Dawkins think so. Investigative reporter William Lobdell speaks about his experiences interviewing hundreds of abuse victims while covering the religion beat.
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Philosophy great Daniel C. Dennett will be the guest, to discuss his new study, "Preachers Who Are Not Believers," just published and posted by In Faith at the Washington Post Web site. The hosts will also discuss the religious composition of the Supreme Court, a timely topic with the announced resignation of John Paul Stevens. Famous freethinkers born in April will be highlighted, with the bonus of a rendition of Tom Lehrer singing his "Vatican Rag."
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Guest John Loftus discusses his new book, the Christian Delusion. Dan and Annie Laurie discuss the Catholic Church's long history of sexual abuse and cover up, including the Pope's involvement. Easter's origins and resurrection evidence are explored
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