Special Guest: Debra Sweet, Social Activist Debra Sweet, whose statement to Pres. Nixon as a 19-year-old made international headlines, talks about her continuing activism with the groups Refuse & Resist, and World Can't Wait, both of which are concerned with attacks on the separation between church and state. The show also marks the birthdate of celebrated composer George Gershwin, and airs a current "Theocracy Alert." (MP3, 50 min, 45.7 MB)
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Special Guests: Senator Ernie Chambers & Teacher Alan Ginsberg Two timely guests: Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers talks about his slightly tongue-in-cheek lawsuit, Chambers v. God, commanding headlines this week! And schoolteacher Alan Ginsberg, who teaches third grade in Madison, Wis., talks about the complaint he and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have launched over the distribution of "Jesus Flyers" in Madison public schools. (MP3, 44 min, 40.8 MB)
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Atheist Author Jim Haught Jim Haught, author of Holy Hatred, Holy Horror, Honest Doubt: Essays on Atheist and editor in chief of the Charleston Gazette, W.Va., is the guest. There is an important announcement about Freethought Radio going national, and a clip of comedian Kathy Griffin, whose irreverent remarks were censored at some of the Emmy awards. The show also features Irving Berlin's revue song from the 1920s, "Pack Up Your Bags and Go to the Devil in Hades." (MP3, 55 min, 50.3 MB)
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Christianization of U.S. Military Freethought Radio interviews Mikey Weinstein, the retired Air Force attorney who has formed the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to fight high-ranking evangelism in the military. The show covers recent exposes his group has uncovered, including the filming of a video for the Christian Embassy at the Pentagon, "soul saving" by a ministry group in a Pentagon commons, and halting a Pentagon plan to help distribute the "Left Behind" videogame to all soldiers in Iraq. The show also marsk the birthdate of H.L. Mencken, and broadcast "Reincarnation," words by cowboy poet Wallace D. MacRae, music by Dan Barker. (MP3, 47 min, 42.9 MB)
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Faith-based Abstinence Boondoggle Freethought Radio features veteran investigative reporter Michael Reynolds, author of "Abstinence Gluttons," The Nation Magazine, June 2007. The show also features some timely news updates and commentary. (MP3, 49 min, 22.4 MB)
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