Freethought Radio will catch up with legal complaints and victories by FFRF's lead staff attorney Rebecca, Markert, who will cohost this week's show while Dan Barker is on the road for freethought. Guest Jon Lindgren, former mayor of Fargo, N.D., professor emeritus of economics and President of Red River Freethinkers, will talk about how he dropped prayers from city commission meetings, and about an 8-year legal battle in Fargo to remove a Ten Commandments monument from city property.

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Secular songwriter and secular billboards

Brother, can you spare a buck? This week we talk about secular songwriter Jay Gorney, who wrote the music to the famous and influential Depression-era song, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" (with atheist lyricist Yip Harburg). Our guest is Jay Gorney's widow, the actress Sondra K. Gorney, who wrote a biography about her nonbelieving husband. We'll also catch up with this week's exciting FFRF actions, legal challenges, and billboards in Atlanta, Oklahoma, and elsewhere around the country.

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Topics: Atheism in Oklahoma, Billboards in Atlanta

Which Senator Gore was an atheist? Find out on Freethought Radio. Also, FFRFs 50 billboards take Atlanta by storm. Hosts speak with Prof. Bill Doosenberry on why atheism OK in Oklahoma – and everywhere. This week only, Freethought Radio airs in Madison on the Mic 92.1 at 10 am (sports preempt).

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This week Freethought Radio hosts Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker will parse the godly tenor of Glenn Beck's D.C. rally, discuss other news developments and interview an 82-year-old Wisconsin farmer about why he dreamed up and paid for FFRF's billboard, recently defaced in Watertown, Wis., saying "Enjoy Life Now: There Is No Afterlife." The show will also air comedian Steve Martin's "atheist hymn."

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