New Year's Wrap Up; Irreverent Theatrical Clips; The Warren Brouhaha The hosts will discuss what's wrong with prayer at the Inauguration, and with Rev. Rick Warren in particular to lead that invocation. For a relaxing end of the year show, they will play some irreverent theatrical clips on religion, including one comedic jibe at homophobic religion, and end the show with a nod to infidel Robert Burns and his famous Aulde Lang Syne.

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Conductor David Randolph Topic: What's an atheist doing conducting The Messiah?
Distinguished chorale and orchestral conductor David Randolph, an atheist and the oldest person, at nearly 94, to conduct at Carnegie Hall, will be the guest, talking about how music has no religion, among other topics. The co-hosts will play an excerpt from The Stephen Colbert Show's coverage of FFRF's Washington Capitol Winter Solstice display, and discuss FFRF's just-filed lawsuit over an unlawful creche on courthouse grounds in Manitowoc, Wis., including lively media coverage clips.
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Guest: Julia Sweeney Comedian and actress Julia Sweeney talks about the long-awaited recent release of her brilliant one-woman show, "Letting Go of God," as a movie, and the hosts play clips from lots of national TV coverage of FFRF's solstice display at the Washington State Capitol in covering that ongoing saga!
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Guest: Author Barbara G. Walker Topic: The Winter Solstice - The Reason for the Season
Dan and Annie Laurie will announce various Winter Solstice initiatives of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, air news clips about FFRF Winter Solstice Displays at State Capitols and its new "Reason's Greetings" billboards (including Bill O'Reilly ranting against them), and play a little tongue in cheek seasonal music. They will also interview scholar and author Barbara G. Walker, about the real meaning of the season and everything they didn't teach you about the origins of "Christmas" in Sunday School! Walker is Freethought Today's columnist and author of the monumental Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
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Guest: Fred Karger, Californians Against Hate

Featured guest is Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate, who allegations of unreported Mormon activity to help pass Prop 8, banning same-sex marriage in California, are being investigated by the Fair Political Practices Commission, which oversees state campaign finance laws. Also interviewed will be Southern California FFRF member Mark Monninger, to discuss the uproar over FFRF's "Imagine No Religion" billboard in Cucamonga. The paid-for, contracted-for message was removed after only a week by the billboard company amid allegations that the City had recommended its removal. FFRF's new lawsuit in federal court suing the City of Rancho Cucamonga will also be discussed!

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Guest: Douglas Krueger Douglas Krueger, author of What is Atheism? Also, Illegal religious displays are discussed with one Ohio member.
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Guest: John W. Loftus Author of Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity

John W. Loftus, a seminary-trained minister in the Restoration Movement of Churches, will talk about why, after earning a Master of Divinity degree and other theological degrees, he realized he could no longer believe in biblical claims. The hosts will also discuss the Freedom From Religion Foundation's newest lawsuit, filed this week in state court in Denver, suing Colorado Gov. Jim Ritter over his National Day of Prayer proclamations.
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Guest: Nan Aron, director, Alliance for Justice Topics: Post-Election: State of the Supreme Court & Judiciary & Postmortems on Religious referenda

Nan Aron, expert head of the judicial watchdog, Alliance for Justice, will be this week's guest, to talk about what Nov. 4 will mean for the judiciary. Dan & Annie Laurie will comment on the Nov. 4 fate of religious-right sponsored referenda.
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Guest: Former Episcopal Priest-turned-Atheist Dick Hewetson Topic: Prop 8 & the Religious War Against Gay Rights

The show will be devoted to an expose of the religious backing of Proposition 8, to deny same-sex marriage to California residents via a Nov. 4 ballot initiative. Listen for clips of religious ads, and of religious leaders inveighing against gay marriage. FFRF Lifetime Member and Gay Atheist founder Dick Hewetson will be interviewed about Proposition 8 and the religious war against gay rights
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Guest: Journalist, Author and "Happy Atheist" Guy P. Harrison Topic: 50 Reasons Not to Believe in a God

Guy P. Harrison, author of the new book, "50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God," will gently debunk some of those reasons. The latest twists in the epidemic of religion in politics and church politicking will be discussed. As an antidote to all that religion, the hosts will air the 2008 "Moment of Bedlam" from FFRF's annual national NonPrayer Breakfast!
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