The winter solstice season is approaching, and with it comes holiday complaints. Listen to Damon Vix (photo) talk about his victory this week when a federal judge ruled that the city of Santa Monica, Calif., is free to discontinue nativity scenes on public property, after 58 years of Christian domination in Palisades Park. We also talk with Ph.D student Chris Calvey, head of the Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who were just awarded almost $70,000 in student-segregated fees to compete with religious groups on campus.

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FFRF is suing the IRS! Find out more about our most recent lawsuit demanding that the IRS enforce its rules prohibiting churches from political activities. Listen to a Kentucky Mom, Suzanne Lamb, tell how she is fighting the Gideons in the public schools. Then hear an update from FFRF attorney Rebecca Market about stopping prayers at school-board meetings

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We present a secular wrap up on election news. Then, we speak with Dr. Peter Boghossian who teaches a class on atheism at Portland State University. He is working on a book called A Manual to Create Atheists.

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Why are "acts of God" and "gifts of God" always so bad? This week we report on theocratic politicians, more football prayer, and an early "holiday" controversy in Texas. Then hear interviews of Vashti McCollum, whose historic 1948 Supreme Court victory removed religious instruction from public schools, and Roy Torcaso, whose equally historic 1962 Supreme Court decision affirmed there should be no religious test for public office, in FFRF's 1988 film "Champions of the First Amendment."

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