Guest: Scary Guest! IRS Auditor Talks about Parish Exemptions & Other Tales for Halloween Scary theocratic developments in the news, will be followed by an interview with one of America's scariest figures: an IRS tax auditor! Retired IRS auditor Robert Baty will expose the many tax privileges and benefits accruing "ministers of the gospel" in the IRS tax code, which are being challenged in a new federal lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. An "ode" to John Keats, born on Halloween, and October's other famous freethinkers, will be featured.
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Guests: Donald C. Johanson, "Lucy" Discoverer & John Whiteside, Las Vegas freethought activist Scientist and "Lucy" discoverer Donald C. Johanson will talk about his atheism, evolution and how he feels about "Ardi" displacing "Lucy." FFRF'er John Whiteside will talk about why he underwrote a billboard blitz in Las Vegas for the Foundation, featuring 10 billboards variously reading: "Imagine No Religion," "Beware of Dogma" and "Praise Darwin: Evolve Beyond Belief."
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Guests: Ursula K. Le Guin, author, poet & unbeliever & Anne Landman, Colorado Activist This weekend's show features a conversation with the legendary author Ursula K. Le Guin, winner of many literary awards and best-known for her classic science fiction and fantasy writing. Also: an interview with Grand Junction, Colo. activist and FFRF member Anne Landman about local attempts to protest public piety by politicians on government time, and timely updates.
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Guests: Ron Reagan and Lodi activist Karen Buchanan Topics: "Unabashed atheist" Ron Reagan, host of Air America's Ron Reagan Show, is back for a new interview as a preview to his appearance at FFRF's 32nd annual FFRF convention in Seattle in November. Also featured: an interview with Foundation member Karen Buchanan, the original complainant in FFRF's request to the city council of Lodi, Calif., to drop prayers. That request has set off months of controversy and Karen talks about her dismay at the Council's 5-0 vote in October to continue "uncensored prayer."
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Guests: Rita Swan, CHILD; Sue Robinson, local activist Topics: Prayer by Government Decree An important interview with Rita Swan, director of Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty, will focus on insidious amendments to healthcare reform bills that would force medical insurers to cover prayer as medicine. Local California atheist and Lifetime FFRF'er Sue Robinson will talk about why she testified against government prayer in Turlock, Calif., where there has been heated debate over an FFRF state/church complaint Bonus: news coverage of FFRF's mini-blitz of freethought billboards in Detroit.
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