This week we'll celebrate Roe v. Wade with journalist Sunsara Taylor. Then, we'll interview Jessica Ahlquist, the besieged 16 year old litigant in a Rhode Island school prayer lawsuit. Her harassment is an object lesson in why religion does not belong in our public schools.

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To celebrate a court victory, you'll hear teenager atheist and champion of the first amendment Jessica Ahlquist, who was defamed by her legislator as an "evil little thing." Then we'll talk with the author George Levine about joy of secularism. Tune in for an uplifting show celebrating secularity.

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Dan and Annie Laurie are back from one vacation, learn why they have been invited to some place a LOT warmer.  This week we'll talk with a fifth generation minister who saw the light is now a nonbeliever. John Compere's book is called Towards the Light: A fifth generation minister's journey from religion to nonbelief.

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Wishing all you heathens, skeptics and hell-bound atheists a happy new year! Steven Pinker is quite the thinker. The Harvard professor and evolutionary psychologist has a new book on the decline of violence. We'll hear from Prof. Pinker and the good news of why rationality reduces violence.

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We'll take a cup of kindness and make a toast to freethought in the New Year. Then, we'll hear the "Good News" on "Why you don't have to go down into my basement." We'll cover end of the year violations, looking back and looking forward.

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