To put the "saturn back in Saturnalia," Freethought Radio will play Dan Barker's broadcastable version of South Park's "Merry F------- Christmas" as well as Dan's "Solstice Tribute." After sharing news coverage of FFRF seasonal state/church actions, including placement of its Winter Solstice sign in the Mississippi State Capitol to counter a nativity display, the hosts will look at the best of "freethought at the flicks." Memorable clips about atheism and religion in film history will air.

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Happy Winter Solstice! We'll keep you up to date on all the latest December state/church violations. We speak with Mike Newdow about his ongoing litigation regarding the pledge of allegiance.

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Reason's Greetings? Heathen's Greetings? FFRF discusses the French burka ban with lawyer Sarah Braasch who just returned from France.

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Mitch Kahle discusses why he was physically removed in the Hawaii Senate Chambers by the Sargent at Arms. Stephanie Meyers talks about what to get an atheist for Christmas.

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Did you know the least religious segment of the population is young, teens and twenty-somethings. This week we talk with Jesse Galef, Communications Director of the Secular Student Alliance about the growing number of young nonbelievers. We celebrate Mark Twain's birthday, Nov. 30.

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A "blasphemous student," Sawyer Frey of Ohio, will talk about why he decided to dress up like Jesus for "Fictional Character" day at his public school, and what the school made him change! Also discussed: why "under god" in the Pledge of Allegiance continues to divide our nation, and the latest in FFRF's litigation efforts to remove it.

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We talk about freethought up north and freethought down south. We'll talk with the leader of a Minnesota chapter and a Mexican atheist Gerardo Romera Quijada "Ramas". We'll talk about the first national atheist conference in Mexico where FFRF will be participating.

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We review Wisconsin's Lt. Gov's historic welcome speech to the 33rd annual FFRF national convention in Madison, Wis. Rep. Pete Stark accepts the Emperor Has No Clothes Award as Congresses'only out non-believer. Melody Moore,  soprano opera singer, shares why FFRF is special to her.

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FFRF staff attorney Rebecca Markert reports on the prayer in school violation FFRF has contested that is turning Daisy Soddy School District and the rest of Tennessee upside down. This year's Thomas Jefferson Youth Activist Awardee Eric Workman talks about why, as class valedictorian, he sued his public school district over illegal commencement prayers, and how he won.

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FFRF unveils the "Out of the Closet" bus sign and billboard campaign for atheists and agnostics. Atheist and comedian extrodinaire Julia Sweeney previews her speech at the FFRF convention next weekend.

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