Guest: David Nicholls, President of Atheist Foundation of Australia The show will include an "Ask an Atheist" segment, comment on the controversy over the Pope and condoms, play a little Monty Python, and feature an interview with the head of Australia's atheist organization. Nicholls will talk about freethought Down Under, as well as the censorship of his group's proposed "Sleep in on Sundays" bus sign campaign.

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Guest: Victor Stenger, author of bestseller: God: The Failed Hypotheis Other Topics: Why Beware of Dogma? & How to Chime in Over New Bus Signs!

Scientist and author Victor Stenger will be Saturday's guest. Stenger is the author of many books on science and reason, including God: The Failed Hypothesis (2007). The cohosts will relay reaction to the Foundation's "Beware of Dogma" billboard just posted in Boise, Idaho, and analyze some troubling news developments showing the harm of placing religious dogma over people.
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Guests: Dr. Barry Kosmin, ARIS Principal Investigator & Author Susan Jacoby Topics: U.S.'s Growing Secularism, & What's Wrong with Pres. Obama's Faith-Based Plans?

Barry A. Kosmin, a principal researcher of the definitive American Religious Identification Survey, will talk about the newest ARIS results released this week showing that up to 1 in 5 adult Americans is nonreligious, and the continuing decline of religiosity in America. Author, journalist and freethinker Susan Jacoby will talk about her op-ed piece in The New York Times, "Keeping the Faith, Ignoring the History," detailing what's wrong with faith-based funding and offices in the federal government.
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Guests: Sharron King, Tennessee Freethinker &  Henry Steinberger of SMART Recovery The show will feature 2 interviews: a short conversation with Tennessee freethinker Sharron King about being an unbeliever in the South, and with Henry Steinberger, of SMART Recovery, offering a secular alternative to 12-step and AA-based programs for alcohol and drug use recovery. Also featured: a teaser for Philip Appleman's newest book of freethinking poetry, "Karma, Dharma, Pudding & Pie," and the song, "Fleas," Phil Appleman's classic parody of the poem/song "Trees."
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Guest: William Lobdell, Author of "Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America" Also: The Current State of State/Church Separation

Reporting on religion for the Los Angeles Times is eventually how journalist William Lobdell lost his religion. His new book, "Losing  My Religion," just came out this week so tune in for this interview! The hosts will also comment on current freethought and state/church developments, and debut Brazilian vocalist Sharon Bele's version of the song, "Beware of Dogma."
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