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Freethought Radio

A weekly show by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.

Mar 10, 2007

Tune in to hear the audio of last Sunday's ABC Evening World News segment featuring FFRF co-presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. Then "eavesdrop" on comedian Julia Sweeney talking about atheism, "Letting Go of God" and the Freedom From Religion Foundation on a recent Stephanie Miller radio interview. Hear why bestselling atheist author Sam Harris thinks it's time for society to end faith. This week's show also includes a Pagan Pulpit freethought sermon by Dan Barker on the Jesus ossuary debacle, and a pithy poem, "A Simple Explanation for Everything," by Philip Appleman, read by Phil. Other state/church issues in the news are discussed. Freethought Radio is co-hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. (MP3, 52 min, 23.7 MB)