The Evolving Religious Assault on Evolution Features an interview with Prof. Lawrence Lerner, co-author of the Fordham Institute's report grading science and evolution standards in the United States state-by-state. (Hint: Wisconsin was one of many states to flunk.) Timely developments on evolution will also reported. Homage will be paid to the 86th anniversary of Women's Equality Day (Aug. 26, 1920) and the freethinking women who sparked the suffrage movement. For comic relief, enjoy Joe Hill's classic song, "The Preacher and the Slave," performed memorably by Kristin Lems and Dan Barker, from the CD, "Friendly Neighborhood Atheist." (MP3, 48 min, 22 MB)
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An Atheist in a Foxhole Features an in-depth interview with Philip Paulson, who courageously has been litigating a 29-foot cross on public property atop Mt. Soldedad in San Diego for 17 years. Last week, Pres. Bush signed into law a bill to seize federal control of the city land, in order to circumvent years of court rulings declaring city hosting of the crossto be unconstitutional. Phil talks about the many ins and outs of the case, and why he intends to prevail. Phil, who served in the military, also talks candidly about an atheist's way of living and dying. Accompanying music: "None of the Above," written and performed by Dan Barker. (MP3, 48 min, 22.1 MB)
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Religious War Against Gay Rights Features a special look at the growing religion-based assault against gay rights around the country. Interviewed: former FFRF staff member Ellen Masters, a lesbian mom in a committed relationship who talks about what it's like to be denied equal rights under the law. Her interview is a sneak preview of Ellen's article, "The Churches Have Legalized Discrimination in America," appearing in the upcoming September issue of Freethought Today. Dan Barker's Pagan Pulpit looks at the biblical roots of homophobia. Kristin Lems' timely song, "How Nice!" continues the theme. Robert Green Ingersoll (born on August 11) is profiled in Freethinkers Almanac. Accompanying music: "The Time to Be Happy Is Now," words by Robert G. Ingersoll, music by Dan Barker (with backup children's choir). (MP3, 47 min, 21.4 MB)
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Agnostic Recalled from Office over Pledge Issue An interview with a public official recalled from office last year in Estes Park, Colo., simply for failure to recite the religious pledge of allegiance. David Habecker, who received an award at last year's FFRF convention, updates his case, in which FFRF is co-plaintiff, in a memorable interview. Tomorrow's program also features "Theocracy Alert" -- tune in for news and commentary on some disturbing developments in Congress last week. Music includes the timely "With God on Our Side." Providing artistic relief for a bad-news week: two atheist poets are featured in Freethinkers Almanac; Rupert Brooks' whimsical poem, "Heaven" (from a fish's perspective) is read. (MP3, 47 min, 21.4 MB)
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