End the Year with Secular Songs This week's show offers a respite from seasonal state/church conflicts and religious intrusions in politics. Relax as the hosts feature secular songwriters and freethought music!
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Guest: County Sup. Robert SinKlair, government creche opponent Tis the season . . . for state/church violations and this week's program briefly updates seasonal violations, including an interview with a brave county board supervisor, Robert SinKlair of Sauk County, Wis., who is opposing the nativity scene at his county courthouse. An NBC camera crew filmed the segments dealing with the "real reason of the season" and seasonal state/church violations for a (brief) segment on the Dec. 20 NBC Evening Nightly News. A few cuts from the recording ran. Spurred by the Golden Compass controversy, Freethought Radio devotes the second half of its program to an entertaining guide to freethought in the flicks, playing clips from movies with nontheist themes or characters. Don't miss a fun show!
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Recent, successful state/church litigants This week's radio show parses Mitt Romney's "faith in America" speech, reports on seasonal state/church entanglements, and features interviews with two recent victors in the legal battle to keep church and state separate. Guest Ray Ideus talks about his victory this week over religion at the Spokane police department. Kay Staley talks about her major victory at the Supreme Court level, removing a monument to the bible from government steps in Houston. Listen in, get acquainted with freethinkers and enjoy some good news!
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The Golden Compass Rumpus! Just in time for the exciting debut this weekend of The Golden Compass film, the children's movie spectacular of the season, is Freethought Radio's interview with the fascinating Philip Pullman, the British children's novelist and nonbeliever who wrote the book the headline-making movie is based on. The program also reviews some timely developments, good and bad, for freethought and the separation of church and state.
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Guests: Michael Newdow & Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers This week's show features an interview with the irrepressible litigant Michael Newdow, whose latest challenges of "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, and of the motto "In God We Trust," will be argued before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The show also debuts teasers of Mike's funny "solstice" rewrites of traditional Christmas carols, from his new "Solstice Classic" CD. Also appearing is the equally irrepressible Ernie Chambers, state senator from Nebraska, talking about his slightly tongue-in-cheek lawsuit against "God." Photo by Brent Nicastro.
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