Life goes on . . . without a Hitch. Tune in to listen to the immortal provocateur, Christopher Hitchens, in his own voice. Freethought Radio will play a quintessential excerpt of Hitchens' Emperor Has No Clothes Award acceptance speech before a national FFRF convention in 2007 in Madison, Wis. The rest of the show will be devoted to "Reason's Greetings," a recap of FFRF's whirlwind actions this past week putting up equal time displays to counter nativity scenes on government property. Bonus song: Dan Barker's expurgated-for-radio version of South Park's "Merry Fricken Christmas."

Wishing all listeners a very merry Winter Solstice weekend!

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Away with the manger and in with the solstice. Is there room at the inn for freethought displays? Tune in to hear about FFRF's first-ever 'natural nativity scene.' We wish you a happy solstice and a very merry new year!

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We're bringing reason into the season. Its away with the manager on city property! Professor Stephen Hirtle of the University of Pittsburgh will give us an eye-witness account of one city's Holy War against the Constitution.

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Tis the season for fa-la-la-la-lawsuits. We'll report on seasonal violations. Then, we'll interview an atheist who is African-American. Journalist Jamila Bey will talk about black women who use the "A" word.

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