The Threat of Religion

FFRF attorney Maddy Ziegler tells us about the successful removal of Gideon bibles from a state-owned hotel in Arizona. FFRF attorney Patrick Elliott reports our newest lawsuit challenging the Christian cross on the official seal of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Then we speak with Rafida Bonya Ahmed, the widow of Bangladeshi atheist activist Avijit Roy, who was brutally murdered with machetes because of his outspoken criticism of religion on the Mukto-Mona blog. Bonya, who barely survived the attack, tells us about the rise of Islamism in Bangladesh and what she is doing to help others who are under similar threat.

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Evidence Demands a Verdict

We report an FFRF victory granting standing to our Pennsylvania plaintiff, Marie Schaub, who is challenging a high-school Ten Commandments monument. Scholar, author and activist Sikivu Hutchinson reports the winners of college scholarships for students of color given by FFRF and Black Skeptics Los Angeles. After hearing the music and reading an email from Tom Lehrer, we listen to Robert Ingersoll’s “Love” recitation set to music by Dan Barker. Then Dustin Lawson, who was the personal assistant for the Christian apologist Josh McDowell, will tell us why he is now a nonbeliever.

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The Great Agnostic

FFRF lead staff attorney Rebecca Market reports a victory stopping a Mississippi school district from participating in a day of prayer for students, and tells us about more unconstitutional Christian crosses on public property. We celebrate the life of Robert Green Ingersoll, the 19th-century Great Agnostic, by listening to his actual recorded voice, hearing some of his words (some set to music) and by speaking with his relative Jeff Ingersoll, chair of the Robert Ingersoll Memorial Committee, who will speak at the dedication of the refurbished Ingersoll statue in Peoria, Illinois on Ingersoll’s August 11 birthday.

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Battling the Gods

After hearing New Jersey Senator Cory Booker acknowledging nonbelievers at the DNC, and Barack Obama affirming that the United States is not under a “savior," but under “We, the people,” we talk with FFRF legal intern Chris Line about an egregious violation of state/church separation involving public money to a Texas charter school that is brazenly promoting Jesus and the bible. Then we talk with professor Tim Whitmarsh at Cambridge University about his new book Battling The Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World, showing that atheism is older than Christianity.

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Lucifer and Noah

FFRF staff attorney Liz Cavell tells us about a Christian flag that is being removed from a Georgia county courthouse. Former presidential candidate Ben Carson associated the Democratic presumptive nominee with “Lucifer,” while Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis equated the Freedom From Religion Foundation with “the Devil” for daring to protest the opening of the Kentucky “Ark Encounter." After hearing actor and atheist Daniel Radcliffe singing Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements,” we listen to Marjorie and Philip Appleman perform Philip’s poem “Noah,” shedding light on the absurdity of the myth of a worldwide flood.

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A Monument to Ignorance

After hearing televangelist Pat Robertson accuse the Freedom From Religion Foundation of being led by “the Devil,” we hear comedian Robin Williams lampoon the story of Mary and Joseph. We listen to jazz pianist/composer (and FFRF member) Addison Frei’s freethinking song “Clinging,” sung by Tahira Clayton. Then we interview Jim Helton, president of Tri-State Freethinkers, about the successful protest he organized against young-earth creationist Ken Ham’s publicly subsidized “Ark Encounter” in Kentucky, a monument to genocide and ignorance.

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Censorship and Fighting Back

This week we’ll report that FFRF’s first billboard in Mississippi managed to stay up only 5 days before being censored, play Oliver Sacks’ poignant last interview in honor of the upcoming anniversary of his birth, honor poet Sherry Matulis and listen to a little Stephen Foster to celebrate that freethinker’s July 4 birthday. Then we’ll hear from three FFRF insiders: Attorney Patrick Elliott will talk about how he’s challenging the Madison, Wis. diocese seeking unfair tax privileges; Director of First Impressions Lisa Treu (known in the radio world as Lisa Miller) will help co-host part of the show while Dan Barker is on the road, and we’ll get acquainted with Amit Pal, FFRF’s new and expert director of communications. Among FFRF’s news making activities of the past week are actions regarding the Ark Encounter, which just opened.

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The Case Against God

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July, as well as the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights. We announce FFRF billboard activism in Mississipi, Minnesota, and Cleveland, Ohio, where we welcome visitors to the RNC this month with the face of Ronald Reagan advocating for state/church separation. We report legal victories in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and California. After hearing the music (!) of actor and atheist Kevin Bacon, we talk with author George H. Smith, whose classic 1974 book, Atheism: The Case Against God, has been reprinted with a Foreword by Lawrence Krauss.

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Atheist Activist

FFRF protests the city of Hondo, Texas, sign saying “This is God’s Country.” After an FFRF complaint, Ex-Muslims of America finally get their cake that was denied by a local Wegman’s food store. We hear the song “Salvation” by Elliott Ingersoll (great grandnephew of Robert Ingersoll), and then talk with FFRF’s Legal Assistant and activist Calli Miller, who has been handling state/church entanglement intake and case management for FFRF’s legal department, and who is now headed for Harvard Law School.

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Graham is Crackers

FFRF protested Rev. Franklin Graham’s “Decision America” rally in Wisconsin this week. We hear FFRF staff members Alyssa Schaeffer, Lauryn Seering, and Calli Miller interviewed by the press during that event. After hearing Roy Zimmerman’s poignant song, “To The Victims Of This Tragedy,” bemoaning the ineffectiveness of prayer and moments of silence after tragedies like the shooting in Orlando, we talk with Jesse Castillo and Kevin Price, the two brave plaintiffs who helped FFRF successfully sue Brewster County, Texas, over Christian crosses on police vehicles. [Photo by Ingrid Laas]

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