This week's show will make you laugh and will make you groan over the many religious violations in public schools. We'll talk to FFRF staff attorney Stephanie Schmitt about how she is working hard to protect school children from illegal proselytizing.

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The Virginia ACLU and FFRF are suing to remove the Ten Commandments from Virginia schools. We'll talk about the suit with ACLU attorney Rebecca Glenberg. Then, don't miss our interview with an Orthodox monk who lost his faith. Help us keep state and church separate at a special time, 10 a.m. on the Mic 92.1 FM.

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Reading, writing, arithmetic and religion in public schools? Not if FFRF has its way.  After updating you on legal skirmishes we'll catch up with secular studies expert Phil Zuckerman. He'll announce the very exciting updates in the first ever Secular Studies department. It's about time.

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Are hurricanes and earthquakes really acts of god? Why worship such a diety? We'll talk about more state/church violations in public schools. We talk with a brand new atheist and ex-minister who just left a pentecostal church in Louisana. Jerry DeWitt talks about why life is better without god.

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