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Freethought Radio

A weekly show by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.

Aug 25, 2007

Freethought Radio features southern secular activist Ed Buckner, Ph.D., talking about how to combat the myth that America is a Christian nation. Ed has a chapter in the new book, "Everything You Knew About God Is Wrong." The show also features some timely news updates and commentary. (MP3, 51 min, 23.5 MB)

Aug 18, 2007

Dan and Annie Laurie Gaylor interview Bill Lobdell, whose page-one article for the Los Angeles Times in July announced he is retiring from the Los Angeles Times religion page because his beat turned him into an atheist. The show also covers developments exposing the Christianization of the U.S. military, and...

Aug 11, 2007

Freethought Radio features an interview with Prof. Brad J. Bushman, of the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, about his studies linking religious belief and scriptural reading with violence. The show reports on the related attack this week upon atheist author Taslima Nasrin by Muslim lawmakers...

Aug 4, 2007

Guest is August Brunsman, whose Secular Student Alliance works with 80 campus affiliates and provides support and ideas to freethinking students around the country. The show debuts a new song by lyricist and atheist Yip Harburg ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "It's Only a Paper Moon"), music by Dan Barker, who set to...