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Freethought Radio

A weekly show by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.

Jul 26, 2008

Since it's summertime and the living is easy, Freethought Radio will play an excerpt from Julia Sweeney's hilarious CD, "Letting Go of God." After a quick Theocracy Alert, Mike Christensen of Seattle will be interviewed. Mike, 28, is an FFRF Lifetime Member who will talk about why he is a freethinker and is sponsoring...

Jul 19, 2008

Tune in to hear the inside story about the young Orlando student whom Catholics have accused of committing a "hate crime" for not eating a communion wafer! And listen to Sarah Braasch talk about how some public-funded senior centers are imposing prayer on senior citizens and why that is illegal.

Jul 14, 2008

Guest: David Mills

Author: Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism

Freethought Radio will discuss "atheist in a foxhole" Jeremy Hall's federal lawsuit against the military, charging that it is promoting Christianity and has discriminated against his rights as a nonbeliever, as...

Jul 5, 2008

Freethought Radio will analyze Barack Obama's controversial decision to rename and expand Bush's "faith-based initiative," using clips from his announcement this week. It will also interview southern activist Pat Cleveland, who is in the midst of the annual 4th of July bash in the heart of the bible belt sponsored...