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Freethought Radio

A weekly show by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.

Jul 12, 2010

News clips include excerpts of Sen. Diane Feinstein's quizzing of Supreme Court nominee (now justice) Elena Kagin over the Hein v. FFRF Supreme Court decision, a clip on the National Day of Prayer issue from the Keith Olbermann Show, and news excerpts about the outcry over Iran's plan to stone an "adulteress" to death (now in abeyance). The cohosts also debunk U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert's portrayal of July 4 as a religious event!

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New reactions to what the interior minister Claude Gueant saying that "the public service users" should not wear religious symbols, including the hospital. - Eric Ciotti (UMP): "Claude Gueant was right to recall that the principle of secularism should apply to everyone everywhere.
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