After protesting invitations of the pope by the U.S. Congress and the City of St. Augustine, Florida, we hear some of our favorite atheist comedians, including Julia Sweeney, Leighann Lord, George Carlin, Bill Maher and Roy Zimmerman, as well as irreverent verses by Yip Harburg. Then we talk with Katja Guenther, professor of sociology at UC-Riverside, about her current research into humor in the "New Atheism" movement.

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In the news: football prayer and religion in the military. We hear a tribute to George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue, Bernstein; "I Got Rhythm," Mary Martin; "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off," Billie Holiday; "Someone To Watch Over Me," Nancy Wilson; "It Ain't Necessarily So" Sammy Davis Jr; "Embraceable You," Kiri Te Kanawa; American in Paris; "Summertime" Ella Fitzgerald). Then we talk with Sam Erickson, president of AHA!--the Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison--the strongest campus freethought group in the country.

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"God and Cosmology." This week we are happy to report four state/church victories around the country: one in Florida, two in Pennsylvania, and one in Arkansas, dealing with the Pledge of Allegiance, "In God We Trust," hotel bibles, and crosses on football helmets. After hearing Dan Barker's freethought song, "Life is Good," we talk with physicist Sean Carroll, author of The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World, about "God and Cosmology."

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"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings." After hearing news of  FFRF state/church victories and complaints, we remember the life of physicist, author, and FFRF Honorary Director Victor J. Stenger. Then we talk with Lance Dodes, M.D., about his new book debunking Alcoholics Anonymous: The Sober Truth: Debunking the bad science behind twelve-step programs and the rehab industry.

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After hearing Dan Barker's appearance on the Nancy Grace Show, and reporting the Vatican's coddling of a pedophilic priest, we honor the birthdays of freethinking baseball great Ted Williams and early feminist activist Frances Wright. Then we talk with Matthew Stewart, author of the new book: Nature's God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic.

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FFRF complains about an Arkansas restaurant giving illegal discounts to church-goers. We celebrate Women's Equality Day, and observe the 100th anniversary of the original Broadway "Book of Mormon" (The Girl From Utah) with freethinker Jerome Kern's first hit song. Then we listen to 20 short videos from FFRF's new "Out of the Closet" Freethinker video campaign.

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We talk about the Kountze, Texas, bible-banner cheerleaders, and the FFRF state/church victory over a restaurant offering a discount for prayer. Then we celebrate the birthday of freethinking composer Claude Debussy. Our guest this week is FFRF attorney Sam Grover, who will explain how he convinced the Navy to remove Christian bibles from Naval Accommodations.

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This week we correct right-wing media that is mischaracterizing FFRF's recent IRS victory about politicking pastors. We celebrate the birthday of 19th-century freethought author, orator and politician Robert G. Ingersoll. Then we talk with Roane County (Tennessee) Commissioner Steve Kelley, an atheist, about why he voted against "In God We Trust" being installed at the county offices and courthouse.

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The religious right and FOX News are upset about FFRF's IRS church-electioneering victory. We hear Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about the Hobby Lobby decision. We celebrate the birthdays of freethinkers James Baldwin and Rupert Brooke. Then we talk with author and professor Anthony Pinn about his new memoir, Writing God's Obituary: How a Good Methodist Became a Better Atheist.

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We talk about FFRF's victory with the IRS, an agreement that they will begin to follow their own policy of enforcing restrictions on political activity by tax-exempt religious organizations and churches. We announce our newest lawsuit, filed with the ACLU and Americans United, against a Michigan city that is censoring atheist speech. Then we talk with David Pineda, President of "La Asociación Guatemalteca de Humanistas Seculares," an exciting new group of freethinkers in Guatemala.

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